Slut's Cookbook
A slut is a much maligned human being. It is usually quite wrong to assume that a slut is promiscuous - nothing is further from the truth. A slut is always in control of every situation she is in. Within every woman is a slut dying to get out. But our bondage is such - thanks to television, advertising and our need to compete with each other - that few women are prepared to take a stand. Sluts of the world unite! You have nothing to lose except your valium. The tin opener is the sluts best friend. Sluts love people. They don’t make friends with a view to business,or "social" friends, since they are far too busy having a good time to waste it on idle chatter. All sluts love the idea of machines: the concept of anything that will do arduous tasks on their behalf is irresistible.
All recipes here are taken from my Slut's Cookbook. This book was born in a moment of depression when I realised that I would never be a "Superwoman"; but that I did enjoy my friends, family and my food. The result is a guide to entertaining in style with recipes for starters, main courses, salads and puddings, written for all those who enjoy expending very little energy for an awful lot of praise. Enjoy! erin


Meat Loaf

This dish is only as good as the filling for the loaf. If the mince is dry and boring, the whole thing is a disaster. So it's worth taking time over the mixture. If you get it right, the fried bread round the filling is excellent.

Preheat the oven to 325 ° (gas mark 2). Cut off one end of a large, crusty loaf. Scrape out the inside of the loaf but don't make any holes in the shell. Try not to leave any breadcrumbs, because they will go all soggy. Fry the garlic and the finely minced onions in the oil until they are brown. Then add the chopped red and green peppers, add the mince and fry gently, adding the mushrooms, then sage and salt and pepper to taste.

When it is all well covered in oil, spoon the mixture into the shell of the loaf. It is necessary to tie the sliced end of the loaf back on with string or cotton, and sit it in a baking tray lined with foil. Brush olive oil over the whole loaf and sprinkle it lightly with Thyme and origan. Pop it into the oven for an hour, then turn the oven up to 450 ° (gas mark 6) for a further half hour. Have a look at it before you get it out. It should be crisp and brown. If it isn't, roast it a little longer. Serve it with parsley, boiled potatoes and a salad.